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ITS Solutions

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Internet, Websites and Communications


Email, Websites, Internet, Telephones, Communication

The pace of modern business needs reliable fast, secure communications. At ITS Solutions we have strong strategic partnerships with business class internet service providers, business class website hosts and telecommunications companies to cater for all of your business needs.

Web Development

With the websites there are 4 crucial areas:

1. Domain name registration - at ITS Solutions we can register either your UK domain name (eg:, or a GLDT domain name (eg: .com, .org, .net)
click here to check availability of your company domain name.

2. Website hosting - this is the computer and online network that holds your domain name, hosts your website

3. Website - this is your companies shop front on the internet , whether you need an online brochure to reflect your company, or specialist written shopping carts, or online databases the requirements of the website will to a large degree dictate the website hosting environment. ITS Solutions are accomplished designers and can develop a website to suit your companies brand

4. Website marketing - this is the process of marketing your website on the internet and encouraging visitors to the website from search engines - this involves SEO (search engine optimisation), creating of backlinks, running pay per click campaigns, viral marketing, and affiliate marketing



Email can be routed using a number of technologies such as POP, IMAP, using both web based and local server based email solutions. Its Solutions excel and providing the correct type of email provision for you, spam filtering, virus protection and your specific mail usage are all taken into account when delivering the best solution for you.



Our strategic partnership allow us to offer an array of telecommunication services such as:

1. Marketing Numbers - eg 0871, 0800, 0845 and other non geographical numbers

2. PSTN and ISDN lines

3. VoIP - Voice Over IP - combining your broadband connection and you phone system

4. LCR - low cost routing

5. Virtual PBX systems

6. Fax to email

7. Broadband provision 

8. IP Phones


VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP telephone systems are modern phone systems which allow you to route calls over the internet. These systems are much more cost-effective than your traditional digital phones as it is hosted on the Cloud which means you can save money on hardware and maintenance.

These telephone systems allow your business to be much more flexible and efficient as it is hosted on the Cloud. This means that you can manage calls from your computer, mobile device and desk phone.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephone Systems have revolutionised the telecoms industry. No longer are companies tied to area codes or offices.